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16th Street Theater

Little Street
Creative Drama for Early Artists

This upbeat, imaginative, silly, and joyful class provides your young artist the opportunity to creatively express themselves and engage with the world around them. Through use of song, movement, dance, and visual art- students will build linguistic and expression skills as they

learn how to story tell, listen and collaborate in a supportive environment. Our final session will be an open class for parents and families to see what their student has created throughout the process.
*Pre-registration is required 

Fee Includes:
Costumes, Props, Set, and Creativity Materials for your young artist. Also includes 2 tickets per family for the final open class on 6/15.

* Children must be restroom independent
* No Class 5/11

7 weeks
Ages: 3-6
Day: Saturdays
Dates: 4/27-6/15
Time: 10:00-11:00 am
Location: 16th Street Theater
R/NR Fee: $150/$160
Code: 262811B

Staging Pages

This fast paced, fun and explorative spring break camp is a perfect place for young artists looking for a dramatic way to spend their spring break. This class puts the pen in their hand and empowers young artists to flip the script on their favorite books and literary characters. Students will write, direct, and perform their own takes on the tales and write a new story for the ages.

World Premiere for Friends and Family will be at 6 pm on 4/5.
*Pre-registration is required 

Fee Includes:
T-Shirts, Props, Scenic Elements for the Artist, and daily snacks. Also includes 2 tickets per family for the final open class.

5 Days
Ages: 8-13
Day: Monday-Friday
Dates: 4/1-4/5
Time: 9:00 am-4:00 pm
Location: 16th Street Theater
R/NR Fee: $250/$260
Code: 262811C

16th Street Impact

Imagine a class where TEENS are the TEACHERS, the DIRECTORS, and the CREATORS of their own curriculum.  This is IMPACT! 16th Street Theater’s Teen-lead, Teen-directed, and Teen-curated space for students ages 13-17 to gather, create art, and participate in workshops lead by professionals.  Teens will learn how to organize, lead projects and work as a group to create expression through art, theater, music , poetry and writing.  Perfect for Teens looking to build professional skills, explore art in many forms, or a place to connect with other young artists.  IMPACT is so much more than a class or a project- it is a Community.

Instructor: YOU! Featuring professional artists for workshops throughout the program.

Day: Saturdays
Dates: Ongoing
Time: 1:00 -3:00 pm
Location: 16th Street Theater
Code: 261810A

eason 12

Bell's Palsy & Other American Side Effects

Debbie Baños is southern and SalvadoreñaAmerican. Her humorous and deeply personal story recounts her mother’s 25-year struggle moving through the immigration system in Arkansas. Despite all her legal, financial, emotional, and health challenges, Debbie's mother still insists on celebrating the 4th of July. In style.

By: Debbie Banos
Directed By: Esteban Arevalo Ibanez

Date: Wednesday, April 17
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Morton East's Historic Chodl Auditorium
                2423 S. Austin Blvd.
FREE to the Community

Good Enough

How good is good enough?  Sometimes life’s biggest questions confront you in seemingly mundane spaces: third period of a high school drama class, the sidelines of a soccer match, the middle of a busy Chicago intersection.  Written by Chicago theatre/storytelling veteran and author of 16th Street’s 2012, Love  Thy Neighbor ... Till It Hurts, Good Enough is one woman’s funny and brutally honest attempt to do right.  Because you can be all about your community and the greater good, but when push comes to shove, you look out for your kid first.                  

Written & Performed By: Julie Ganey
Directed By: M
egan Shuchman
 March 14 - April 20
Location: 16th Street Theater

His Shadow

A disgruntled college freshman tries to step out of his older brother’s  towering shadow and make a name for himself on the football field.  When tragedy strikes, the course of his career is challenged, and his life is altered.  His Shadow is a story of ambition and activism: which one will emerge the victor when the two collide?  A world premiere parable by the author of the 2018 hit The Light.  This production is generously supported by Michael and Mona Heath.                 

By: Loy A. Webb, 2019 playwright-in-residence
Directed By: Wardell Julius Clark

 September 5 - October 12
Location: 16th Street Theater

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